31. Mai bis 2. Juni 2019

03 - 06. 10. 2019


 Marvelous lands of Pomerania located just 250 km from Berlin. Drawskie Lake District. A weekend between May and June 2019. Over 600 km of a specially prepared route for expedition trucks (campers). Specially selected gravel and dirt roads for the needs and capabilities of this type of vehicles. Tourist convention. Possibility to see (ride across) the largest military ground in modern Europe.  Lakeside accommodation (lodging) with access to toilet, bathroom and electricity.
All pets accompanying the participants are welcome.
Adventurous route with various events in which one can, but does not have to, participate. Rope bridge, march down the river, canoe episode, paramedic in off-road conditions, sightseeing of historical sites, for example: underground atomic weapon storage sites from the “Cold War” era.  Above all, however, mesmerising natural landscapes. The possibility to climb a 50 metre-high fire lookout towers with attractive views.
 Norbert Zbróg, the event organiser, invites you to participate in it. The creator of the oldest (the first edition was in 1995) regularly organised international off-road TROPHY event in Poland named POMERANIA (TROPHY- RESCUE) with the tradition of many participants coming from Germany. Soon (October 2020) we will celebrate a 50th edition of this popular and interesting event. Norbert is an experienced off-road wanderer with 30 years of experience. He has been organising the POMERANIA TROPHY for over 20 years now. He was the first foreigner to drive across the northern Ural Mountains from Europe to Asia in 1999. He has been penetrating desolate areas of Romanian Carpathians since fifteen years now. He has completed an off-road trip in the Caucasus with the finish in Pri Elbrus “airfield”. He values off-road mostly for the possibility to “catch views”. Reach something to see something - this is his motto. He prefers long strolls far from popular places, contact with nature and adventures. As an expert and lover of POMERANIA, he will personally lead the participants along specially-prepared routes and path of adventure.
 We invite all types of trucks which are adapted to off-road tourism.

Date: 03 - 06. 10. 2019

Route: over 600 km, prepared (tested) with Iveco-Magirus 90-16 AW (truck height: 3.5 m). Drives are completed according to tracks (GPX and KLM files), optionally according to Road Book.
Base: Drawskie Lake District. Area of Drawsko Pomorskie. The kingdom of crane, European bison, wolf and many other wild species. A paradise for nature photography lovers. (Please check out the photos made by Joanna Zbróg, professional and passionate forester, traveller and photography lover who will be your guide and guardian. Pictures by Joanna: https://jasawa.flog.pl/ and www.jasawa.pl)
Base: A ranch in a valley by the northern shore of Siecino lake. Place: Dobros?aw.
Beach. Pier. Toilet. Bathroom. Ponies, horses and sheep. 
For additional payment you can also: order catering, connect electricity.

  After completion of the organised part of the event, it is possible to choose from over 2000 km of routes, located on a network of picturesque side routes in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, and make an individual ride. It is a perfect place for a short holiday.
It is also possible to order a guide-organiser in case of longer stay.

Detailed itinerary:
Day 1
1 – 5:00 p.m. - midnight - arrival at the base, registration formalities. Quartering by the lake.
Day 2 
9:30 a.m. - ride on the route of about 300 km (with an option of early return). At first in a convoy. Exploring an underground military complex from the “Cold War” era. Next, individual ride according to tracks (GPX - KLM files). The route leads along forest and mid-field roads. Dirt, gravel, cobblestone and tarmac roads. Interesting landscapes, beauty spots and nature attractions. Finding checkpoints along the route. Return to the base after completing the route or earlier if preferred. After returning to the base, participants organise their time as they wish.
Day 3
1. 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. - Following a route according to TRACK (GPX - KLM) and in some places according to Road Book. Route of about 200 km with an option of early return. The route partially leads across the largest actively used military training ground in Europe:  The DRAWSKO POMORSKIE Military area hosts many popular rallies and off-road events. Sandy lands may give lots of satisfaction to enthusiasts of desert trips. Possibility (optional) of river crossings. Various types of Special Tasks on the road. Rope bridge, water episode (canoes), paramedic and others. Exploring underground fortifications from the 2nd World War, and experiencing beautiful landscapes, views and nature.
Return to the base after completing the route or earlier if preferred. After returning to the base, participants organise their time as they wish. Submitting cards with points for all competitions before 7 p.m.
2. 9 p.m.
Meeting by a bonfire (provided that the weather is good). 
3. 10 p.m. (approximately) announcement of the results, awarding the participants with commemorative certificates and the winners with diplomas.
Day 4
1 – a ride, at any time, on a tourist route according to tracks (GPX - KLM) in the direction of the border (for those returning home)
2 – a ride, at any time, on a tourist route according to tracks (GPX - KLM) for those who stay for longer.
Registrations are open from:  01.01.2019 
Booking is necessary. 
For more details and booking please contact:
Joanna Zbróg
Land Rover Club Poland
e-mail: lrcpl@onet.pl  

After the event
1 - possible longer stay 
2 - nine free-of-charge tourist routes of about 1800 km in total. Access from the tracks (GPX KLM).
For a fee:
1 - longer stay at the base.
2 - possibility to hire a guide-organiser of the longer stay 
(it is possible even this year from 15.10 and for minimum 4 trucks for at least 3 days).

PARTICIPATION: lrcpl@onet.pl

tel: + 48 605 576 927
tel: + 48 943 634 595